Folder watcher and more / RPM Release

We released RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ® (RPM) Release on March 26, 2019. The significant changes appear below.

Folder watcher updates

Queue Folders is our folder watcher module. If Queue Folders gets a notification on a file, but when it adds the file as a job the file no longer exists, Queue Folders will stop retrying the operation.

Similarly, if Queue Folders is trying to add a file which it can't get access to, it will retry for up to two seconds, then go back to the file after five seconds and try some more.

If you use the user interface to add a watch folder to RPM, and the folder had files already, RPM will now add them as jobs automatically. It was supposed to do this already.

Changes to the archive action

The archive action will now write to a temp file, then move or copy the file into place at the end, to better support third-party folder watchers.

If the archive action is appending to an existing file, it will open the file with exclusive access to prevent interference from other processes, also to wait until other programs have released the file.

Count-based data extraction

We added a new option to data extraction, which is the ability to count the number of occurrences of a string or regular expression in your print job. This numeric value is then assigned to the metadata of your choice.

Text to PDF font update

We have added to the list of TrueType fonts on your system that RPM can use when generating PDF from text. Before we were able to use fonts with regular and bold attributes but now we can use a wider variety of fonts.

Message log updates

If RPM has message log entries that were not added to the database on shutdown, it writes the entries to disk, then adds them on the next startup.

How to get this release

In the RPM user interface, go to Help / Check for Updates. Then click the link for the Released Version or the Beta Version, whichever applies to you. For the Released Version should be the correct link.

Or go to the Downloads page and download the edition of RPM you are currently using. Every page on our site has a large yellow sticker at the top right; that's the download link.

If you have any questions about this or other RPM updates, please contact our support team or leave a comment.