RPM Transforms and Translates Data

RPM Remote Print Manager is our print server software

RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) makes no assumptions about your print job data. Some print servers send your jobs untranslated to an attached printer. Others use a simplistic version of the Windows print driver to print your jobs.

If you are using RPM, you have a more critical problem to solve than merely copying your data to a printer, although we can do that as well if you need it.

Some print server products translate your print jobs into PDF. We do that as well. RPM was birthed into the world of real needs, and we designed our transforms around the thousands of requests we have received over the years. When you need to change your data stream, RPM is the tool to use.

The categories of data transformation we offer include:

  1. Translate the data, such as changing the output bin, turning PCL into PDF, or translating code pages into Unicode
  2. Remove data, usually, lines or pages can use a search pattern
  3. Add data, either appending or prepending; we also generate custom banner pages
  4. Change the data format
  5. Prepare final form output such as PDF or HTML

We can also run a program against your input data to make your custom modifications, and insert this result back into the processing stream.

It’s worth noting that RPM does not change the data in any way until you tell it to. Even then, the print job remains intact.

If you are interested in learning more about the data transforms, please contact our pre-sales technical support. We can consult with you, review your data, and offer you our best advice.