RPM Data Privacy Filter Transform

Mon, 10/05/2015 - 15:20 By Dave Brooks

What it does

The Data Privacy Filter obscures incoming data in an attempt to erase confidential material yet preserve formatting.

The method of obscuring data is to simply replace alphanumeric print data, the actual data you would see on the page or in a PDF, with something else. We use "#" for digits and upper or lower case "X" for alphabetic data.

You can use this filter on plain text, PCL print streams, and in some instances, binary data.

Please note that some PCL print streams do not include regular text; therefore this transform would not be helpful in those cases.


There is no setup for this transform.


If you have print jobs with customer information that are not formatting correctly, you could use this transform to save a copy of the print job before sending it to our support team. We strongly encourage you to open the file in an editor first to make sure the data is redacted as intended.