RPM Remove Text Markup Transform

Fri, 10/04/2019 - 19:42 By Dave Brooks

What it does

Remove text markup commands. Text markup is created by other transforms.


From the beginning, our customers have wanted to send complicated text and save it as plain text.

Any transform that creates text markup, can be undone by sending the results to this transform.

Example: send SCS from an AS/400 and save the result as plain text.

Step 1: add the transform SCS to Text Markup

SCS to Text Markup in the menu

This image is from the menu of transform types in the Edit Queues form, showing you where to find SCS to Text Markup. 

SCS to Text Markup

Step 2: click the OK button, you don't need to be concerned about options in this transform just now

Step 3: add the transform Remove Text Markup

Remove Text Markup in the menu


None, there are no options.