Portable, Low-cost Newsroom Script Printing



Using INTELLIscribe®, a broadcaster has improved and simplified its script printing process in the studio and at remote events: Scripts are sent to multiple printers simultaneously and personnel no longer collate copies at a single printer.




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Faced with shipping large, expensive line printers to major sporting events, a large broadcaster decided to look for a better way to print scripts in its live television broadcast environment. Tally line printers had been used in the broadcast industry for decades. Still, the technology was outdated, inefficient, and non-redundant, and provided no easy way to quickly print scripts to many printers simultaneously.

Business Need

INTELLIscribe meets broadcast requirements and offers features unavailable from Microsoft® or print hardware providers

The company needed a way to print scripts simultaneously to multiple, high-capacity network printers. These network printers would provide built-in redundancy and flexibility not available with line printers - and would be much easier to ship to major sporting events and other locations.

iNEWS print workflow

Solution: INTELLIscribe's Shared Printing Feature

INTELLIscribe in the newsroom

  • Simplify document distribution
  • Create a more reliable print environment
  • With INTELLIscribe, script printing, and distribution are simple and inexpensive. Newsrooms and broadcast companies can install INTELLIscribe and immediately simplify the script printing process.

To improve the company's script printing workflow, IT chose INTELLIscribe. INTELLIscribe allows a script printed from Windows-based workstations running Avid iNEWS to be sent simultaneously to multiple HP 4250TN network printers giving network users access to INTELLIscribe's broadcast printing feature.

INTELLIscribe has eliminated unnecessary steps in the newsroom; for example, personnel no longer need to collate copies at a single printer. INTELLIscribe also provides printing redundancy for jammed printers and has improved output capacity. In the company's newsroom, the software's features allow the script printing process to catch up with current technology.


  • Scripts are printed from Windows 2000 and XP workstations through Avid iNEWS
  • INTELLIscribe is installed on a server
  • Each virtual printer port in INTELLIscribe is set to use the broadcast printing policy, and each port is configured with 5 HP 4250TN printers


With INTELLIscribe coupled with multiple HP network printers, the broadcaster has seen the following results:

  • Scripts generated and printed from the Avid iNEWS newsroom application are printed simultaneously to multiple network printers
  • Large-line printers no longer need to be shipped to remote locations; instead, compact, less expensive network printers are sent
  • Output capacity has been improved
  • The company now has printing redundancy for jammed printers
  • Personnel no longer need to collate copies of scripts at a single printer, simplifying the script generation and distribution process

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Scripts generated and printed from the Avid iNEWS newsroom application are printed simultaneously to multiple network printers.