Announcing RPM Beta

RPM beta version

RPM Beta available December 2022

We are pleased to announce what is hopefully the last pre-release beta for RPM Remote Print ManagerĀ®. This beta is now available and tagged as

We believe this beta is worth installing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Support via the "Contact Us" link in the top right.

Summary of most recent changes

  • If you had job retention turned on with a maximum number of jobs and have a queue with more jobs than the retention limit, RPM could exit on startup
  • RPM was failing to archive jobs on a hidden Windows share

Other major changes

For now, please see the blog post for 537 beta release and the 531 beta release. These contain summaries of major changes since the previous release.

How to get the beta

  1. Use the UI

    Go to the UI and select Help / Check for Updates

    On my system, that looks like the following:

    Check for Updates

    This is because I forgot and installed the posted 538 beta before capturing an image of this dialog. You should see a link for the 538 beta, instead.

    Click the link to the Beta Version, and the UI will download the correct RPM version, according to what you currently have installed.

    Note that this dialog shows that the current release is, the official release. Your results may differ, of course. A year from December 2022 will likely show a different release version.

  2. Beta links

    Here are links to the current beta release: