Windows version 1809 breaks / RPM release

This post refers RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”) release, available January 31, 2019.

Windows version 1809 breaks stuff

However many years we've been fetching the path for the RPM executable, it's always been lowercase until this week when Microsoft released version 1809. It's a simple fix to look for a case insensitive string, but it took some time to track down THAT being the problem.

If you happen to use a version of RPM earlier than on Windows version 1809, please update to this version of RPM. Thank you.

Critical events dialog now available

You can reach the Critical Events dialog via the View menu in the user interface.  It also opens on startup if at least one critical events exist and each time a critical event occurs for all users who have UI open.

Font fix

If you select a font for the "text to PDF" conversion that is not compatible with our process, we substitute "Courier New" rather than crash the conversion operation.

Log menu update

We moved several logging activities to the Log menu in the user interface.

Job retention update

Certain labels in the Queue form were not grayed out when job retention was disabled; this is fixed.