Affordable Windows LPR Print Client

With INTELLIscribe you can print from Windows to ANY TCP/IP addressable device. It includes many features not found in other software.

INTELLIscribe sends print jobs directly to any printer connected to the network. It uses the LPR/LPD protocol, which is part of the TCP/IP suite of protocols, and the Hewlett Packard JetDirect® protocol, which is widely used in network printing environments. You can also send print jobs to most UNIX, midrange, and mainframe systems, provided they support the HP JetDirect or LPR/LPD protocols.


POWER LPR Printing

INTELLIscribe is a powerful new way to print. You are no longer constrained to print to a printer connected directly to the computer or even to a local network. INTELLIscribe allows you to send print jobs (from ALL Windows platforms) to printers and print servers anywhere in the world using TCP/IP technology.

Expand Printing Capabilities

INTELLIscribe extends your printing capabilities and you will not have to learn any new commands or functions to print using it. It is functional, flexible, and easy to use, providing the quality printed output you desire, thus reducing printing challenges in the workplace. There is nothing out there that can match INTELLIscribe's features for the price.

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