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RPM Remote Print Manager® allows HP NonStop (Tandem) documents to be printed to local and remote printers. Processing instructions are also inserted in some spooled files so Xerox production printers can print them correctly.



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Date: May 3, 2006

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Business Need

With 90% of its documents coming from an HP NonStop (Tandem) system, the company needed a way to distribute the documents to various local and off-site remote printers as well as to Windows 2000 network servers for web viewing and archiving. The company also needed a way to print spooler text files from the HP NonStop system to its Xerox 180ppm production printer.

Solution: RPM Remote Print Manager

The company chose RPM Remote Print Manager® to handle both the printing and posting of documents from its HP NonStop system. As an LPD print server, RPM Remote Print Manager receives print jobs from the HP Non-Stop system and other host systems. After receiving the documents, RPM prints them to local and remote printers or saves them to disk, either to the PC/server or to network shares.

RPM and Host Document Flow: Documents are generated on an HP NonStop System and sent to RPM via TCP/IP. RPM receives the print jobs and passes them to printers or to file. Data is inserted in the print job to print correctly on Xerox printers. RPM also posts data to a server for viewing and archiving.

To print the spooler text files to its Xerox production printer, the company turned to RPM's filter queue, which allows operations to be performed on an incoming document. After RPM receives the text files from the NonStop system, the Insert Bytes function within the RPM filter action inserts a command line in front of the text so that the Xerox printer can interpret it and print the document in the correct format.


With RPM Remote Print Manager in place, the business has experienced the following improvements:

  • Print spooler text files from the HP NonStop (Tandem) system are printed correctly on the Xerox production printer, thanks to RPM's Insert Bytes function and filter action.
  • RPM receives documents from the HP NonStop system and prints
  • them to local and remote printers.
  • Document workflows are now simplified.
  • Using RPM, the company has also experienced cost savings.

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