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LPR Print Client - INTELLIscribe

INTELLIscribe┬« installs on Windows 2000 through Windows 7, allowing you to send print jobs to printers, print servers, or any IP addressed device, anywhere in the world using TCP/IP technology. INTELLIscribe gives you powerful printing features such as broadcast printing, fail-over printing, shared printing, and other printing features.

INTELLIscribe provides the ability to spool jobs to any AS/400, UNIX, Windows-based system, or hardware print device without a network server. Besides, system resources on your network server are freed up, allowing your server to concentrate on other tasks.

Destination Balancing

INTELLIscribe records statistics through the destination balancing policy on the amount of data sent to each printer. New print jobs coming in are sent to the printer that has the least amount of use.

Round Robin Printing

INTELLIscribe remembers the previously tried printer and schedules the job for the next destination in the list. INTELLIscribe prints to each printer in the list, in order.

Failover Printing

The first destination is always tried first. If the first destination fails, the next printer is then tried, and so on, until all the destinations have been tried.

Broadcast Printing

Each time you print from your Windows application, INTELLIscribe sends the print job to all the IP addressable printers in your broadcast list, at the same time.

User interface

No user interface is glamourous but check out the logging and other features we provide.

More intelligent printing

  • Simplify document distribution
  • Improve printer management
  • Create a more reliable print environment
  • Save time with unique printing options
  • Increase efficiency with smart printing features

Improved Remote Printing

INTELLIscribe is an important link between Windows printing on the user's desktop and the world of intelligent devices, large capacity printers, and non-Windows printing. INTELLIscribe has been awarded the highest ratings throughout the Internet and continues to be the number one choice for remote or Windows IP printing.

Routine LPR Printing with Added Power

Once set up on a Windows-based workstation or server, printing with INTELLIscribe is just like routine Windows printing: select the INTELLIscribe printer you would like to print through, and click Print. And with the INTELLIscribe's shared printing capabilities, you can transform INTELLIscribe into a powerful print server, allowing other network users access to its print features.

What can INTELLIscribe do for you?

  • Business Offices with multiple locations across the country are using broadcast printing to distribute reports to users at each location.
  • Universities are using round-robin printing with multiple, inexpensive network printers to more evenly distribute print loads among printers and to minimize downtime.
  • Warehouses are using fail-over printing to ensure that important reports are printed.
  • Offices are using destination-balancing to even out printer usage among multiple printers so a single printer is not overused and so ink and toner replacements will happen at close to the same time.
  • Data Warehouses are using INTELLIscribe's reprint abilities to reprint one-time reports and queries that have been previously generated.