New RPM Enables Highly Reliable Enterprise Printing

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 14:54 By Dave Brooks

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New RPM Remote Print Manager Enables Highly Reliable Enterprise Printing

RPM v6.0 Features Customizable Scheduling and Increased Load Tolerance 

Idaho Falls, Idaho, July 1, 2013Brooks Internet Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise output management (EOM), today released RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) v6. The new version of RPM provides more dependable enterprise printing, with much higher load tolerance, an improved database, more detailed message logging, and highly customizable scheduling. RPM v6 also allows third-party applications to control RPM’s processing and configuration.

“The more printers and variety of print jobs there are in a business, the more likely it is that print jobs will fail, requiring tedious, manual intervention. RPM v6 addresses this by better managing print job workflow and providing fault tolerance for print drivers and printer interruptions in general,” said Dave Brooks, President of Brooks Internet Software, Inc. “RPM v6 automatically tests devices and completes the jobs when the device recovers. It also provides highly detailed logging for jobs, devices, and queues, to assist with troubleshooting. We’re helping to reduce failed print jobs and user frustration, as well as saving time and money.”

RPM v6 also features:

  • Remote access, enabling administrators and users to configure RPM and monitor print jobs remotely;
  • Support for IP and LPR printing, avoiding the Windows spooler, for better performance;
  • Drag and drop configurations between queues, enabling easy recreation of similar queues; and
  • Improved scheduling: choose between built-in policies for balanced, first in / first out, sequential processing, or priority based.

RPM v6 allows extensive control from third-party applications. For instance, RPM can report to an application when a job arrives, allowing that application to inspect the job and make processing choices based on content, origin or database lookup, which RPM would then carry out. The company has already deployed numerous custom solutions using this new technology.

RPM Remote Print Manager v6 is available now. Pricing for the Select edition starts at $324, with support for up to 10 printers; the Elite edition is priced at $648, with support for up to 99 printers. Volume and government/education discounts are available from Brooks Internet Software and its worldwide network of reseller partners.

About Brooks Internet Software
Brooks Internet Software, Inc. ( develops TCP/IP network printing solutions that allow Windows-based computers to receive print data from platforms such as Unix and IBM Power Systems. The data can then be transformed, processed, formatted and delivered to a single destination or multiple destinations simultaneously.

Brooks Internet Software, Inc.’s RPM Remote Print Manager (RPM) is a software-based print server for Windows platforms. RPM supports major print protocols (LPD and Stream). RPM also modifies data on demand, including deletions, insertions, and appends. In addition, RPM produces PDFs, prints to Windows printers, and can drive many printers directly at higher speeds. RPM can simultaneously send a single print job to multiple printers, format and send emails and archive to disk. Using RPM, print jobs can be archived to any folder, including network shares. For more information, visit /.

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