No more licenses available

We are licensing the software now and getting this error:

"There are no more licenses available"

Each RPM license you purchase from us is maintained in our back-end system. In our system, the license has a status, such as “it’s activated” or “it’s available”.

If you need to move a license to a new machine we've provided a set of steps to make this process as smooth as possible.

The essential idea is that when you activate a license on your machine, in our system that license is marked as “activated”. If you want to move that license to a new machine in your network, first you would contact us to deactivate the license. The section on migrating the license includes the information we need to deactivate your license.

When that is finished, you would then install RPM on a new machine and activate it as you did before. This will keep you from running out of licenses.