Why usernames have to be unique

We have two licenses under a certain invoice number and auth code. When I try to activate RPM using the username we’ve been using, I get the following message:

Error Description:
The username is not unique.

The problem here is that you are trying to use the same username for more than one license in your company. Our license tracking system will not allow this.

We have customers with hundreds of active licenses and several with thousands of licenses. Not all customers with this kind of inventory are set up to track serial numbers as we would like. Therefore, we programmed our system to require a distinct username.

The username is the one flexible data field the customer can decide on for themselves. Theoretically, you could use a distinct company name for each license in your organization. Still, we are confident, based on experience, that the person who succeeds you in your job will not appreciate the extra workload of managing these assets.