Module status

Questions about module status

From time to time we receive an email from a client who is concerned about the module status for their RPM license. In particular, someone will see the word "Locked" and think they need to do something to enable that module.

The important thing to know about the module status is that the normal license activation works well enough for nearly every situation. The module status only requires attention when you purchase something beyond the typical license or activate a service such as LiveTrial.

For instance, Queue Folders is an extra cost to activate. Once that purchase is completed, someone from our office will walk you through the steps to activate Queue Folders.

A license in the trial period

Here is the module status for a license in the trial period:

Brooks License Manager

This shows us that:

  • the LiveTrial is not active
  • Queue Folders is in the trial period
  • RPM is in the trial period and 10 print devices are available

The fact that it shows 10 devices tells us this is RPM Elite.

An activated license

Here is the license status from the RPM Elite on my machine:

License status

The important things to note here are:

  • Unlocked, which shows the date March 12, 2018
  • Supported, which shows the date August 18, 2019

That means the support period on this license will go through the "supported" date shown.

Now, keeping that in mind, here is the module status from the same license:

Module status

This shows that the LiveTrial is not active on this license, that I do have an active Queue Folders license (since I wrote it), and that RPM Elite is showing zero printers. This means I have an "unlimited" license where there is no set limit to the number of devices RPM can use in any one session.

Another production license

By default, an RPM Elite license comes with 99 printers when activated. This module status shows 249 printers, which is simply a different configuration and not a sales pitch:

Module status with 249 printers

Note in this module status that the Queue Folders module is in day 13 of the trial period, but that the RPM Printers are already unlocked meaning this license has been activated. The Queue Folders module is not activated and is set to expire in 8 days.


Hopefully, this article has answered most of your questions. If not, please feel free to contact our staff via email and send a screenshot of the module status window.