Trial restrictions

What restrictions do I have in the 21-day trial?

If you are running RPM in the 21 day trial period, you will primarily notice the following:

  1. RPM Select supports only 5 devices in the trial, compared to 10
  2. RPM Elite supports 10 devices in the trial, compared to 99
  3. PCL to PDF conversion includes a watermark
  4. Generating PDF from any kind of input other than PCL includes a watermark
  5. Text printing may include a watermark or a message on the page

You can remedy this by activating the license.

You may also be eligible for a LiveTrial which gives you activated features for up to 7 days during a trial.

Notably, RPM does NOT refuse to run or refuse to receive and process print jobs, due to being in the trial. If that is what you are seeing there is another problem besides being in the trial. Please contact our office for support.