Missing license when I migrate RPM

Q: When I migrated my RPM license, my other licenses did not migrate along with RPM

A: The reason your other licenses were not automatically activated is that many customers put RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") on a machine in their network that is separate from the internet. A common reason is to protect the data they print from outside access.

That is why we do not have a "phone home" function that queries our servers for customer licenses.

Second, we could track the licenses a customer activates along with their RPM license, but then we have to provide steps for the customer to change their mind on new machines. After considering everyone we work with, it seemed more straightforward to let the customer decide where to put their licenses on their own.

These three licenses may accompany an RPM license:

  • RPMPrinters
  • LiveTrial
  • Queue Folders

If you have RPM Select, then LiveTrial is the only other license available. LiveTrial also works with RPM Elite. LiveTrial lets you run your RPM trial license as if the license were activated. LiveTrial is only possible to activate when RPM is in the trial. With LiveTrial, you get the full licensed features of whichever RPM version you have installed.

If you have an RPM Elite license, you can license RPMPrinters and get 249 or unlimited devices instead of 99. In this context, "devices" refers to printers you can print to or other output options.

Queue Folders is our hot folder module. It is only available with RPM Elite.

You can only license the software you purchased. You can review your purchase documents if you are unsure. On your original invoice, you'll notice product codes R6E-2 or R6E-3 for RPMPrinters, or R6-QFLD for Queue Folders, if you have any doubts.

Here's the bottom line: any licenses outside of the RPM license that you have activated on the old machine also need to be relicensed on the new machine. Of course, we can only re-license software for you if the support is current on that license.