Server 2019 begins, logging / RPM update

This post refers to RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”) update, available January 30, 2019.

Windows Server 2019 begins at Brooks

Unlike the superhero epics, this is not an origin story as much as the "new Windows platform, new VM for testing." We heard from a customer who had downloaded Windows Server 2019 Essentials and couldn't get RPM to run on it. 

We worked through some service install and uninstall issues, then addressed a font initialization issue. From there, we have been testing and refining.

Significant logging updates

  • each action now includes much more job information for the Init() function; this will help us distinguish individual jobs from the diagnostic logs when RPM launches multiple jobs at once
  • the Text Print message log that documents the number of pages printed now includes job information and the name of the printer
  • when we add basic file operations to the message log, we include the correct path
  • we now add an entry to the message log when the LPD protocol object receives an "on close" event, for better network tracking
  • we now store the device ID in the message log where appropriate
  • when the user purges a queue in the user interface, we include the name in the message log along with the event
  • the JobFinish message log now includes the job name

Email job error handling

If an email job generates an error, for instance, if you sent a job to Outlook without all the necessary setup, the error text itself added additional errors to the event log. 

License status on expire

We tracked a license to expiration and corrected the wording in the license status, as well as how RPM handles the expired license.