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Enhance TCP/IP Printing with RPM/NT

RPM for Windows NT version 2.3 is completely native to Windows NT environment

Idaho Falls, ID. -April 30, 1999 - Brooks Internet Software, Inc, today announced the release of RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM/NT) for Windows® NT version 2.3, the latest product from the Global Printing Solutions™ TCP/IP network printing product line. RPM/NT is highly integrated with the NT environment and provides more robust TCP/IP print capabilities for Windows NT platforms.

RPM Remote Print Manager, the Complete LPD Printing Solution

"We built RPM Remote Print Manager as a solution to network printing needs. With the release of our new flagship product, we have successfully integrated our original RPM Remote Print Manager to meet the needs of those working in Windows NT environment," said Dave Brooks, president of Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

RPM is a complete LPD solution that enables users to effortlessly receive customized print jobs from an AS/400, mainframe, Unix system, or NT server remotely or locally. While many print servers only allow a straight pass-through of data from the host system to a printer, RPM gives users the option to run the software as a service on an NT Workstation or their Windows NT Server.

RPM/NT configures automatically as an NT service that automatically starts at system boot and remains active until the system shutdown, independent of user activity. A separate user interface has been added to lower resource demand, allowing system administrators to restrict access. Depending on the client's site requirements, the new version also uses the SYSTEM account or user account. Security administration is easier due to centralized access to spooled files and registry.

For international users, RPM/NT uses Unicode to support internationalization and run more efficiently under their Windows NT environment. The user interface and event text is formatted on the user's machine according to its language configuration, and string resources are modularized to support wide character sets.

For users of Windows NT Workstations, our Workstation version is licensed for a single machine and allows up to 24 printer connections. The RPM/NT Server version is licensed for use on an NT server and provides up to 99 printer connections. This can be upgraded to an unlimited number of printers.

About Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Brooks develops TCP/IP network printing solutions that allow Windows-based computers to print to and receive data from non-Windows computers: INTELLIscribe® for sending print requests, RPM Remote Print Manager® for receiving host print requests, and ExcelliPrint® for receiving AFP/IPDS print requests from IBM mainframe and midrange servers.

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