ExcelliPrint Installation and Setup

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Install ExcelliPrint®

  1. Run the setup program downloaded from our website or the single file executable located on the installation CD.
  2. At the Welcome screen, click Next.
  3. License Agreement" After reading and agreeing to the terms of the end-user license agreement, choose "I accept the agreement" and click Next to proceed. If you do not accept the terms, setup will not continue.
  4. ExcelliPrint Startup: Enter a username for the account that will be the administrator of ExcelliPrint. Also, enter a password and confirm the password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length. Note that both the username and password are case-sensitive. Click Next to continue.
  5. ExcelliPrint Setup: Select the port that ExcelliPrint will listen on for HTTP requests (for information on changing the port number after installation or configuring SSL security, see Appendix I: Advanced ExcelliPrint Settings). Select the Restrict Access to Local Host Only option to limit access to ExcelliPrint to the computer on which ExcelliPrint is installed. Click Next to continue.
  6. Select Destination Location: Click Browse if you want to change the destination folder for ExcelliPrint. We recommend that you accept the default, C:\Program Files\Brooks Internet Software\ExcelliPrint. Click Next.
  7. Ready to Install: Review the installation information and click Install. The application files will now be installed to the destination folder. A Windows Firewall exception is created for ExcelliPrint during installation to enable printing, the ExcelliPrint service is registered and started, and your administrator account and port number are configured. After installation is complete, click Finish. Typically, setup does not require your computer to be restarted, but will prompt you to do so in certain circumstances. If so, choose Yes.

The ExcelliPrint service is configured to start automatically. To begin configuring the software, select ExcelliPrint from the program group in the Start menu or right-click the ExcelliPrint system tray icon and select Open (or simply double-click the icon).

If, during setup, you turned off Restrict Access to Local Host, substitute the computer name or IP address of the computer on which ExcelliPrint is installed to connect from any computer on your network. If you changed the port number during setup, you must add :[port] to the address, for example, http://localhost:8080.

You can quickly start printing with ExcelliPrint by following the steps in this Quick Start section.

Quick Start

  1. ExcelliPrint Printer By default, an ExcelliPrint printer named Default is created and listens on port 5001 for host print requests. In Premium, incoming requests are archived as PDF files in the Archive folder, a subfolder of the ExcelliPrint installation folder, or are printed in Standard to the system's default printer. You can use ExcelliPrint's Default printer to quickly start receiving and archiving/printing host print requests: simply point a host IPDS device to this ExcelliPrint printer using port 5001 (see the Host IPDS Device section below).
  2. Firewall Exception For ExcelliPrint to receive host print requests, your firewall must be configured properly. If you are using the Windows Firewall, the ExcelliPrint installation adds an exception automatically to allow host print requests. If you are using another firewall, you will need to configure it to allow ExcelliPrint to receive requests via TCP/IP; the application requiring this exception is eprintsrv.exe, or add an exception for each port ExcelliPrint listens on.

Host IPDS Device

Point host IPDS device to ExcelliPrint If you are using the ExcelliPrint printer named Default, all you need to do to start printing is point a host IPDS device to ExcelliPrint using port 5001.
To point an iSeries IPDS device to ExcelliPrint Premium, click iSeries in the menu, log in to the iSeries, select an IPDS device, click Point to ExcelliPrint, select port 5001, and click Update.
The IPDS device will now send print requests to port 5001 and Default will archive the requests as PDF files (Premium) or print them (Standard) to the system's default printer.