ExcelliPrint secure interface

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 19:57 By Dave Brooks

ExcelliPrint provides a Web interface for administering local resources with optional SSL support.

Browser interface

ExcelliPrint browser interfacePlatform-independent browser interface allows efficient administration from any authorized computer. You can set up your printers, view your log, configure ports, and more. ExcelliPrint can begin printing and saving IPDS documents within minutes.

Secure Web interface

ExcelliPrint secure web interfaceExcelliPrint's embedded Web server supports SSL and does not require Apache or IIS to be installed. Because we use SSL, your AS/400 login and password are kept secure as well as the user accounts defined in ExcelliPrint for role-based administration.

Role-based administration

ExcelliPrint role-based adminRole-based administration allows fine control of ExcelliPrint settings and functions. ExcelliPrint provides different levels of administrative privilege to fit your company's security needs:

  • Administrators can add, change, delete anything
  • Operators can configure existing printers and view the log
  • Anonymous users can view existing printers and the log

System tray utility

ExcelliPrint system tray utilityA system tray utility provides quick access to advanced settings. You can stop and start the ExcelliPrint service, change the interface's port number, and enable secure access through SSL. The tray icon also indicates the status of the ExcelliPrint service.

Runs as a Windows service

ExcelliPrint Windows serviceThe service receives print jobs without requiring a Windows user to be logged in to the computer where ExcelliPrint is running.