IPDS Towers and Color Support

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 21:17 By Dave Brooks
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IPDS towers

ExcelliPrint® supports these IPDS towers:

IPDS towers

  • IM Image
  • IO Image
  • Graphics
  • Font
  • Bar Code

We support FS45 containers for standard image formats.

ExcelliPrint helps you preserve your original document integrity while making the best use of modern systems.

Color output support

Windows printing

Supports color printing on capable printers as well as black and white


Supports color PCL for color LaserJet printers


Supports image quality control on output


Supports 24-bit and 32-bit color output


Portable Net Graphics, common Web format

More information

On the Wikipedia, IBM Intelligent Printer Data Stream, or the IBM IPDS reference