iSeries Management from ExcelliPrint

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 20:23 By Dave Brooks
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ExcelliPrint® Premium gives you graphical management of your iSeries printers and spooled files

Device management

IBM systems device management

  Directly from ExcelliPrint, you can:

  • create and delete devices
  • configure devices
  • get device status
  • vary devices on and off
  • stop and start the writer

You can also set up a device to print to a specific ExcelliPrint port in a single operation. You could literally be up and running with ExcelliPrint in a few minutes.

Spool file management

Spool file management

ExcelliPrint provides a convenient and efficient interface to manage spooled files. You can:

  • view spooled files
  • hold and release files
  • move files to another device

all without the need for an additional emulator.