IPDS to PDF conversion

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 13:46 By Dave Brooks

ExcelliPrint® converts your IPDS documents to PDF; it can be your virtual AS/400 PDF printer. Based on consistent customer feedback we offer the following capabilities.

Searchable PDF

ExcelliPrint produces a PDF that is visually just what the designer decreed for your document. Behind the host resident graphic fonts, we embed the actual document text. The result is that you can search for any document text in your PDF viewer, such as the free Adobe Reader; and if it's actually text and not an image, you'll find it.

You'll also find that PDF documents submitted to your document management system will index exactly as you expect.

PDF security

ExcelliPrint includes the optional user and owner passwords, so you can restrict access and lock features. This applies of course only to programs which follow the rules. The term "PDF security" is a bit misleading.

PDF watermark

You can add an image file from your PC to the PDF when it's created. This would be in addition to any images contained in the original IPDS document. This is commonly used for adding a logo, a disclaimer, a local return address, etc.

ExcelliPrint is your affordable solution to print to PDF from your AS/400.