Printing to Xerox DP 65 printer from INTELLIscribe

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 13:43 By Dave Brooks

Q: I have a Xerox DocuTech/Print 65. I need to print to it directly from a Windows PC. How do I configure INTELLIscribe to print to this type of printer?

A: First provide INTELLIscribe with the IP Address or Hostname of the printer and the "LPD Queue Name". On the Xerox DP65 printer, the default LPD queue name is 'dp65', but that is entirely configurable. To find the LPD queue names available on your printer, type "list virtual printers" on the printer console. You can also find the IP address from the console.

Note: You must use a print driver that is compatible with the printer, but also one that does not use the PostScript driver provided by Adobe. This driver invokes a dialog each time the system is booted and cannot be suppressed.