INTELLIscribe 1.6 Increases Network Printing Options


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INTELLIscribe 1.6 Increases TCP/IP Network Printing Options

Increase TCP/IP Printing Options with Release of LPR Print Client Software

Idaho Falls, ID September 11, 2000 - Brooks Internet Software, Inc, a leader in TCP/IP network print software, today announced the release of INTELLIscribe® 1.6 for Windows 95/98, the latest offering from their TCP/IP network printing product line.

INTELLIscribe is a PC-based LPR and JetDirect™ print client software designed specifically for Windows 95/98 environments. INTELLIscribe gives users the ability to spool jobs to any AS/400, UNIX, Windows-based system or hardware print devices without a network server. INTELLIscribe enhances printing functions by offering advanced features such as broadcast and failover printing, setup replication, and easy reprint options. In environments where some users cannot authenticate on the local network domain or where that domain does not facilitate user printing, INTELLIscribe proves to be a robust and useful tool for enabling and enhancing printing capabilities.

INTELLIscribe allows users to define network print destinations by associating a "Virtual Printer Port" with an existing Windows printer. When a Windows application prints to this printer, INTELLIscribe intercepts the print job and sends it to the destinations configured in the "Virtual Printer Port."

Key Enhanced Features of INTELLIscribe

  • Print Queue Consolidation - Provides the ability to eliminate job contention on the print device by directing all user print jobs to a central print queue, vastly improving LAN/WAN efficiency.
  • Spool & Format on Local PC - Spools independent of the network server to reduce demand on a network server or spooler, especially suited for remote users.
  • Drag and Drop - Drop any printer-ready file onto a "Virtual Printer Port" and spool it without opening an application or involving the Windows print driver.
  • Command Line Interface - Send printer-ready files from one or more directories using the supplied ISendFile utility, also without involving the Windows print driver.
  • Automated Setup and Printing Consolidation - Ensures simplified setup and uniform configuration for all network users by allowing creating uniform Windows printers and virtual printer ports, and installing the correct printer drivers.

"INTELLIscribe software fills the gap in Windows 95/98 printing environments by allowing users to print to a wide variety of print devices, even cross-platform combinations such as printing from a Windows machine to an Apple LaserWriter®," said Dave Brooks, president of Brooks Internet Software, Inc. "We continue to enhance the product by adding customer- and industry-driven features, making it a truly user-friendly application."

The INTELLIscribe® product has been tested with many print systems including AS/400; UNIX platforms such as Linux, Sun Solaris, and SCO UNIX; hardware print servers from Hewlett-Packard Co., Lexmark International, Inc., and many others; and PC print servers including RPM Remote Print Manager®. INTELLIscribe installs on Windows® 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Please feel free to download the free trial!

$49.00 Commercial*
$39.00 Government
$35.00 Education

(*Discounts for volume pricing)

About Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Brooks develops TCP/IP network printing solutions that allow Windows-based computers to print to and receive data from non-Windows computers: INTELLIscribe® for sending print requests, RPM Remote Print Manager® for receiving host print requests, and ExcelliPrint® for receiving AFP/IPDS print requests from IBM mainframe and midrange servers.

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