Open for read / RPM update

RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”) update was available November 15, 2018. This is a minor update and includes the following items.

Added a file wait to read operations

A selection of users continue to experience intermittent problems with the Windows file system, or the way RPM tracks it, or the current Microsoft stock price versus Apple. It’s really hard to say what the problem is.

Admittedly, RPM generates a lot of churn in the file system the way we create a file, write to it, close it, turn around and read it, etc. That hasn’t been a problem until relatively recent versions of Windows 10.

Anyway, we added a “file wait” to the “open for read” operation. The “file wait” will look for the file, and wait if it doesn’t exist, in a loop until the file exists or a time period has elapsed.

We are considering more drastic measures if that fails to address the problem. Of course, we can’t reproduce it in-house on any of our Windows 10 editions.

Queue Folders message

Queue Folders is a module which is available in RPM Elite. If you have licensed this product, or are running an RPM Elite trial, then Queue Folders would be running.

What we discovered is that if you remove a queue using the user interface, and if Queue Folders was not configured to watch this queue, then the event log showed a “callback exception”. However, the exception is contained and didn’t affect anything.

Code page aliases

We discovered a problem in the way we organize aliases. These particular aliases are alternate names for a given code page. The character we had used to delimit the names turns out to be in a few of the aliases, so we had to fix that.

Erase socket

A customer was concerned about the message “Erase socket” but it turns out to be meaningless and doesn’t affect anything, so we took steps to not report that in the future.