How to do it with RPM

I was doing some site maintenance the other day and we realized we have a lot of "how to" articles. I'm starting the collection here. This is for our virtual printer project RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM").

Setup and printing

How to send print jobs to RPM  This is a question we hear often; I've done it any number of times and only been stumped once.

How to determine the format of your print job  Here we note some tools and rules we use helping customers or doing our own research.

How to print to multiple printers  We specifically developed RPM with the plan to print to multiple printers.

How to save a print job to a file without printing it  RPM's Archive action makes it easier than you would think.

How to print to a shared printer, or save to a shared folder  Here is where you learn how to use Windows login credentials in RPM

How to automate printing a PDF document  If you have a PDF viewer you might be able to use it in RPM to print PDFs

Command line print PDF files to a Windows printer  Another approach to sending PDF files to a Windows printer from RPM

How to prevent queue names from appearing in RPM  Network probes can create a mess, and sometimes you just don't want to give out the privilege to auto-create queues

How to configure my firewall  What is involved in enabling RPM to receive from my server, outside the firewall?

How to control font and page format  How RPM works with TrueType fonts and tips to fit your text on the page

How to get the text print settings you expect  More tips on getting the closest font size

How to print ASA from a mainframe to PDF  Convert ASA files to PDF, and print to a printer as well

How to print labels from the AS/400  It takes some specific settings on the AS/400


How to license the RPM software  Ins and outs; part of the larger License FAQ

How to migrate RPM to a new server  This includes licensing of course but covers much more