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Wed, 12/05/2018 - 14:53 By Dave Brooks

AS/400 - iSeries - System i

Not printing after RPM; is it the RPM trial?

Q: I upgraded RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") from version to, 64 bit. I exported the settings from the old to the new, and all the settings seemed to work. On my AS/400 I changed the OUTQ to use the new IP address, on the new server.

Unfortunately, when I print, it doesn’t work. I noticed in the UI, bottom right corner, it says "Trial License: 21 days Remaining - Device Reservations: 0/5 - Service Offline"

Is this because it’s still in trial mode? I want to test this first before I move the license from the old server to the new.

A: “Service Offline” means either that the RPM service did not start or did not start properly. So I would send you to the task manager Processes tab (or Details tab in newer versions) for the RpmSrv.exe process.

If it exists, end the task.

Then use the Services utility to try to start the service back up again and see if that gets the UI to show the service online. After that, your print jobs from the AS/400 might begin arriving.

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