Raw print logging / RPM update

RPM Remote Print Manager® ("RPM") update was available on November 20, 2018. This is a minor update and includes the following items.

LPD manager job recovery

We had programmed the LPD manager (which is part of the new RPM 6.2 LPD module) to look for incoming LPD jobs in the JOBS folder, on startup. If it found any jobs it would recover them, which is basically a way of saying, create jobs from them so nothing is lost. This page has more background on the LPD protocol.

This would happen if RPM took a hard exit, the computer crashed, any sort of fairly catastrophic event.

The problem is that we had changed one of the file names. That was an easy problem to fix.

I noticed in testing that the job name, username and several other fields don’t appear in the user interface; however, I had an archive action setup using the job name, and that seemed to work. We’ll address that issue down the road.

Raw print logging

We had a problem report from a customer that RPM was taking ten to fifteen minutes to print jobs. They provided us with a message log, and we discovered that the raw print action was recording when it started but not when it finished.

That was unfortunate so we added that logging step back in.

However, the issue of slow printing is worth talking about in more detail than this blog post. Please take a look at the article FAQ: Slow printing.