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Product Download

New users: The download is a 21 day trial version of our software. Technical support is available during the trial to answer questions and assist with setup. Please contact our technical sales department for more information.
Existing customers: The download is the fully functional software, designed to work with your existing license. If your Software Upgrade and Maintenance is current you can install a new version of the software from this site. Otherwise, you may need to reinstate SUM. Please contact our sales department for more information.



RPM Language Packs (RPM 6.0 & 6.1)

RPM 6.1 supports multiple languages in the user interface. We are pleased to support the languages to the right; please check back often as we add more languages.




ExcelliPrint® Premium
IPDS translation. Outputs include PDF, PCL, Windows printing, image formats


ExcelliPrint® Standard
IPDS translation. PCL output




LPR print client. Intelligent printer pool management