IPDS DIMM - A Costly Mistake

Why purchase an IPDS DIMM? For IPDS-to-Windows printing, DIMMs and SIMMs offer a quick solution: Most are installed internally or connected externally to common Windows-based printers; however, DIMMs and SIMMs have their limitations! An IPDS Print Server is the smarter choice...

We have developed a low-cost, very affordable IPDS software solution. ExcelliPrint® installs on Windows® 2000, XP, and 2003 allowing you to print to any Windows-based printer. Purchasing and using IPDS DIMMs can be a costly mistake:

  • DIMMs required add on and expense to support IPDS on each printer required.
  • DIMMs are not supported on all printers.
  • DIMMs have no archiving functionality.
  • Direct connection to each printer from host, requires additional firewall configuration which increase security risks.

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Instead of buying an IPDS DIMM, try ExcelliPrint. The printer can be from any manufacturer, be any model type (even dot matrix printers), local, desktop or networked

DIMM for IPDS vs ExcelliPrint


IPDS DIMMs Have Their Problems IPDS Software - Affordable and Flexible

DIMMs cannot be managed centrally

Many administrators find if they have a group of printers, each with a DIMM installed, maintaining and updating the printers is time consuming. Administrators often feel they are constantly chasing after printers, trying to keep all running correctly. If a DIMM breaks, you must purchase another one... IPDS software cannot break!

Centrally manage ALL IPDS printing

Software-based alternatives, compared to DIMMs and SIMMs address these limitations and present other options for IPDS printing in Windows environments. For example, software IPDS solutions allow you to manage multiple Windows printers from a central interface, eliminating the need to deal with many DIMMs on many printers. Since the software can be updated on a central server or PC, a single change instantly affects all printers in use.

DIMMs do not work for ALL printers!

A DIMM from one printer won't necessarily work in another: When you purchase a new printer, even from the same manufacturer, often the DIMM from the old one will not work in the new printer. And if you want to go with another printer brand, the old DIMM will be useless.

Print to ANY Windows-based printer

Software-based alternatives can print to any Windows-based printer regardless of brand or manufacturer. So when you need to replace an old printer and go with a different model or brand, a printer-independent software solution is always compatible: there is no need to update the software or look for a replacement DIMM or SIMM

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An IPDS DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) is a module similar to a memory module. The DIMM plugs into an available DIMM socket on the printers mother board. The DIMM can contain fonts, forms, or even programs that the printer can access when requested. Purchasing an IPDS DIMM or a IPDS Printer can be expensive, add maintenance, and if it breaks, you'll need to purchase a new one. In any case, it can be a costly road to follow instead of using IPDS software.