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Using RPM Remote Print Manager® Select, the traders at Great Lakes Trading see contracts with potential problems immediately



Great Lakes Trading Company


RPM Remote Print Manager

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Business Need

Great Lakes Trading Company needed a printing solution that would alert traders when a client order had a problem; and only when there was a problem demanding immediate attention.

Solution: RPM Select

The RPM print server processes print requests from many systems. However, we do a lot more than put ink to paper; we treat your print jobs as a data file and can do nearly anything with it.

For Great Lakes Trading Company, we configured a print queue to run a program, rather than print. 

Systems and Setup

Print jobs come into Great Lakes Trading Company from the clearinghouse whenever a customer order is initiated. While thorough records are always kept in the system, the traders prefer hearing for themselves when a problem occurs that can be resolved. Time is money in this business as delays can be very costly. For them, it is far more effective to hear a printer spin up than to log into a screen and check status or wait for a notification from the clearinghouse that may never come.

Here is the workflow:

  1. The clearinghouse sends print jobs to the RPM print server running in the Great Lakes Trading Company network.
  2. RPM Select receives the print job and, when complete, runs a program that reads the data file part of the print job.
  3. The program looks for configurable text strings and, if found, sends the print job to the company's physical printer.
  4. If not found, the job is discarded, saving paper and, more importantly, preventing a false alarm.


Patrick Sullivan, the President of Great Lakes Trading Company, has worked with RPM for over a dozen years, day in and day out.

Mr. Sullivan says: 

I am in the futures trading business where nano-seconds matter in terms of money, especially if there is a problem. The last thing I need is fiddling with software when a trading error occurs preventing the failure notification from printing.  Not finding out about it can cost a small fortune or in some cases a large fortune. Thankfully Brooks software is so solid...

Using a modestly priced software solution, with a third party app which is also reasonably priced, Patrick Sullivan has been able to increase the effectiveness in his workplace, and save clients money.

About the Customer

Great Lakes Trading Company offers risk management, brokerage services, automated trading systems and much more. Like most companies succeeding in this economy, they are on top of their technology game and provide immediate client service. Consequently, they demand the same from their suppliers.

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