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Video Requests

We are always excited to offer useful and applicable resources to our customers, and video content is something that we have wanted to introduce for some time. We plan to provide instructional videos on various topics, but we would also love to hear about specific topics that you would like to see discussed in-depth and demonstrated through one of these videos. Please check to see if someone else has requested the same video topic, and reply to their post if you would also like to see that video content.

Feature Requests

Here at Brooks Internet Software, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing excellent products which provide solutions to problems in your environment. RPM Remote Print Manager® has many options that can be used to produce customized output already, but we would like to hear about any ideas that you have regarding other features that would be useful to our customers.

RPM-Elite - Transform Type "text to text markup"

in my queue I use the translation type "Text to Text Markup", after that I use "Text Markup to PDF".

When I use the default selected font "Courier New" in "Text to Text Markup" all work fine.

But when I change the font to "Courier" I get the following error message in log:

Code: 796

Action error on job '302814* action 'SaveFolder':'empty result from transforms'

Why I can't use the transformation with another font?!

RPM in a VMware Horizons 7 Environment.

RPM to VDI solution.

We currently run RPM on around 130 computers and we are preparing to start testing VMware Horizons 7 VDI in our environment. This project will encompass about 90% of our RPM users once we go live with it. I am looking for any information or possibly any users here that have migrated to a VDI solution while using RPM. Is it possible to continue using RPM.



Unable to launch rpmgui

Every time I try to start the RPM GUI, it's crashing. This is RPM Elite on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. I've tried excluding the RPM installation folder from my anti-virus software's real-time scanning features, but that made no difference.

Below is the text of the Windows Application log entries associated with my most recent attempt. If you'd like to see a copy of the Windows Error Reporting log for the crash, please let me know where I should send it.

Do you have any suggestions, or would you recommend just upgrading to 6.2?

Error-Code 642 - Unable to receive data

Hi Support-Community,

I have a RPM Version installed and licensed. On this servers are at this moment two printing queues, they work fine. Now, I have an VPN to our branche-office. When the branche-office, try to print to their queue I always get the error 642. I already tested many firewall settings, this should be fine. The queue of the branch-office is enabled, no transforms choosen, and Action is "Archive to folder" (at this moment Admin-Desktop for testing purposes)

Filteraction is not firing wscript

Made a .vbs script to do some work. I try to run it from the filteraction.

Program to run is wscript.exe, the parameters are the path and name of the vbs script and %s to pass the filename.

But when a new file comes in, is goes from action to completed with no results and no errors

When running the script from the command line, it runs okay.

How can I debug what is (not) happening?

Do I have to set some permissions for RPM. I'm running it from a Windows10-64b PC