What ports does ExcelliPrint use?

Sun, 06/30/2019 - 19:12 By Dave Brooks

Q: I have a software firewall such as Zone Alarm or the Windows Firewall installed on my computer. What ports need to be opened in order to use ExcelliPrint?®

A: At the minimum, you must relax your firewall to allow IPDS traffic.  The default IPDS port is 5001 (though this is configurable on the AS/400).

To determine which port numbers your AS/400 is using, use the CHGDEVPRT. Issue the command for each printer pointed to ExcelliPrint. For the OS/390, look at the PRINTDEV macro defined in the PSF Startup Job. The PORTNO parameter is the port number setting. Again, do this for each printer pointed to the computer where ExcelliPrint is installed.

If you wish to administer ExcelliPrint from another computer, you also need to relax the ports configured for HTTP and, if used, HTTPS. To see which ports are used for administration, use the ExcelliPrint control panel utility. Open Control Panel and double-click the ExcelliPrint icon. If you are using Category View on Windows XP, the ExcelliPrint utility is found in Other Control Panel Options under the See Also collapsible window on the left.