RPM - New Solution for Windows 2000 Network Printing


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RPM - the New Solution for Windows 2000 Network Printing

Combining the Best of RPM's NT Features with
New Windows 2000 TCP/IP LPD Network Printing Software

Idaho Falls, ID August 3, 2000 - Brooks Internet Software, Inc, a leader in TCP/IP network print software, today announced the release of RPM Remote Print Manager® (RPM) for Windows 2000, the latest offering from their TCP/IP network printing product line.

RPM is the only complete solution supporting LPD and stream protocols that enable users to receive and customize print jobs from any AS/400, mainframe, UNIX or Windows-based system to any Windows printer - locally or remotely. The software is built to work seamlessly and run as a system service within both the Windows 2000 and Windows NT environments. While many print servers only allow a straight pass-through of data from the host system, RPM provides extensive formatting capabilities in text printing, and the ability to work with third-party software.

With the introduction of RPM for Windows 2000, users may now choose from two user-friendly versions of the product: RPM Remote Print Manager Elite or RPM Remote Print Manager Select.

RPM Elite

RPM Remote Print Manager Elite is the optimal choice in TCP/IP print server software if the Windows NT/2000 printing environment configuration requires:

  • server-based administration
  • access to more than 24 printer connections, with optional unlimited printer connections
  • maximum throughput rate for filter action and COM filter interface for customization

RPM Elite is recommended for installation on Windows 2000/NT Server.

RPM Select

RPM Remote Print Manager Select is the preferred choice in TCP/IP print server software if the Windows NT/2000 printing environment configurations require:

  • localized administration
  • access to up to 24 printer connections
  • standard throughput rate for filter queues

RPM Select is recommended for installation on Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT Workstation.

RPM Remote Print Manager (Elite & Select) Key Enhanced Features

Full Multi-language Support for Dynamic Environments - This enhanced feature provides Multiple-Byte Character Sets (MBCS) for international processing in languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

Support for ASA Carriage Control - This new feature allows the user to convert ASA FORTRAN formatted data for jobs originating from legacy systems.

Custom Configuration of Filter/COM Filter Support - Allows the user to use third-party software to develop applications that work with RPM. The filter action provides the user greater control and options for naming files and handling illegal filename characters. COM Filters provide the most efficient way possible to transmit data between applications under Windows 2000.

"With the release of the RPM Elite and RPM Select Windows 2000 versions, customers have the option to choose the product which optimizes their TCP/IP network printing needs in large distributed networks," said Dave Brooks, president of Brooks Internet Software, Inc. "We continue to enhance the product by supporting more data formats used by our customers and by optimizing RPM's ability to work effectively with third-party software."

Proven through Time and Testing

The RPM product line has been tested with mainframe printing systems including IP PrintWay, VPS and Solve:EPS on MVS and OS/390; AS/400; with UNIX platforms such as RedHat Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, SCO UNIX, and freeBSD; DEC VMS and OpenVMS, TCPware from Process Software, and UCX; and PC print clients including INTELLIscribe®.

About Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Brooks develops TCP/IP network printing solutions that allow Windows-based computers to print to and receive data from non-Windows computers: INTELLIscribe® for sending print requests, RPM Remote Print Manager® for receiving host print requests, and ExcelliPrint® for receiving AFP/IPDS print requests from IBM mainframe and midrange servers.

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Please try RPM for free by downloading the 21-day fully-functional trial. If you need help or have questions, please call our technical support department at +1 (208) 523-6970 or email support. RPM is used in more than half the countries around the world and trusted by government agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide!