Firebird Implementation Limit Exceeded


  1. The RPM Remote Print Manager service will not run. It starts, then immediately stops.
  2. The RPM User Interface reports "Error Getting License".
  3. An entry can be found in the Windows Event Viewer for RPM Remote Print Manager.


There is a known limitation in the Firebird Database related to Transaction Limits. When this limit is reached, RPM Remote Print Manager is unable to attach to the Firebird Database where it stores its settings.

Resolution 1

Download this zip file and extract its contents to the directory where you installed RPM Remote Print Manager.

Double-click fixtranslimit.exe.

This utility should repair your database after creating a backup. Once it completes, attempt to start the RPM Remote Print Manager Service.

Resolution 2

The Firebird Database where the configuration settings are stored can be placed into read-only mode, backed up, and restored. The RPM system service should be offline during this process. The commands to achieve this are:

  1. gfix.exe -mode read_only -user sysdba -password masterkey <path\to\rpm.fdb>
  2. gbak.exe -backup -user sysdba -password masterkey <path\to\rpm.fdb> <path\to\rpm.bak>
  3. gbak.exe -create -user sysdba -password masterkey <path\to\rpm.bak> <path\to\rpm-new.fdb>
  4. gfix -mode read_write -user sysdba -password masterkey <path\to\rpm-new.fdb>

After completing these steps your old database should still exist, and a new copy of your database with your settings will exist as rpm-new.fdb.

The original rpm.fdb should be renamed or deleted, and the rpm-new.fbd should be renamed to rpm.fdb. Once that has been completed the RPM system service can be restarted.